” Possessing My Soul in Peace”

” Possessing My Soul in Peace”.


” Possessing My Soul in Peace”

” Possessing My Soul in Peace”

Life happens for all of us… it takes us in so manydirections… we experience joy and sorrow … things can come at us so fast tothe point we become more reactive than proactive…where we once had peace itseems to disappear and we find ourselves in a place of disarray … this is thetime when you need to stop take the time to Possess Your Own Soul…. youcannot wait for the preacher… because the preacher will preach to you todayand somebody else tomorrow… the word of God tells us to work out our ownsalvation through fear and trembling … we are saved, we are being saved andwe will be saved… we can no longer wait for somebody else to care for oursoul… yes people do love us…but if you want “BETTER” in your lifeyou are going to have to take responsibility to possess you soul in peace…

So how do we possess our soul in peace?

Three Scriptures come to mind~

1. Philippians 4:7 ~ And the peace of God, which transcends allunderstanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

2. Isaiah 26:3 ~ He will keep thee in perfect peace whose mindis stayed on thee

3. Luke 21:19 ~ By standing firm you will gain life!

Practical Application: (The preacher/pastor/apostle…etc cannot do this for you…you with the help of the Holy Spirit have to do this for the sake of your own soul and your own life on this side of heaven)

1. Claim your rights to God’s promises

2. Believe God’s word is for you

3. Believe God’s love covers you

4. Believe that God’s life flows through you

5. Believe The Lord’s life giving Spirit lifts you

My prayer for you is that your realize that you transform from aplace of survival to a place of abundant life when you make the choice topossess your soul in peace

Reasons To Be Cheerful


Oh, brave Listener. We’ve all had a bit of a rough time recently.

There are several reasons why we are all feeling a bit peeved, irked, and somewhat vexed:

1) It is February. February is an obnoxiously depressing month, it knows it, and it doesn’t care. February is insufferable.

2) We are still paying off our Christmas credit card bills. This is intolerable.

3) Our New Year’s resolution diet and exercise regimes have failed miserably and we are eating more doughnuts, peanut butter, and full fat milk than ever before to cope with the depression of February and Christmas credit card bills.


4) The couples amongst us have had a relationship-busting argument on Valentine’s Day, and the singletons amongst us have just been reminded that they are SINGLE and ALONE and destined to remain that way for the rest of their sorry lives.

5) There is nothing to look forward…

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Three Ebooks to Spark Creativity and Grow Traffic

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We’ve compiled a ton of great material into three new ebooks, made with love, for you. And, they’re free. They come in three fetching formats so we’ve got you covered no matter whether .pdf, .epub (iBooks), or .mobi (Kindle) is your jam.

365 Writing Prompts


So you want to write but you have trouble getting started? Writers’ block a perpetual, unwelcome guest? With 365 Writing Prompts we’ve got a different writing prompt to jumpstart your muse each and every…

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